Hooray! Exams are finally over!


This is the time when most parents are concern of how well their kids have done in school. After reviewing their papers, does such questions catch your attention? Students tend to do the usual “Guess and Check” method where they can have as much guesses as they want, until they realize time is very precious in an Examination!


Time to think of an alternative solution! Because “Guessing” can get really boring.

The crucial concept to the solution of this question will be the ‘Comparison of 2 Quantities’ concept where you can make use of this general formula:

‘Difference in Large Quantities ÷ Difference in Small Quantities’.

First rule: To make an ASSUMPTION.

Assume that all vehicles are motorbikes and all wheels come from the motorbikes.

2 x 106 = 212 wheels

By comparing the number of wheels of 1 car and 1 motorbike (Small Quantity), you know that there will be 2 extra wheels,


Small Difference: 4 – 2 = 2 extra wheels from the car.

Next, compare the number of total wheels of cars and motorbikes (Big Quantity),


Big Difference: 378 – 212 = 166 wheels left


 So how do we determine the no. of cars in the carpark? Hint: Where do you think the extra 166 wheels come from?


Hints are given! Engines’ running hot! Try finishing the race yourself without peeping at the final answer.


Good luck!


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