Matter in its simplest form is called an element. Scientists have classified the discovered elements into a table called the Periodic Table. There are already more than 114 elements and counting! Like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Magnesium, Gallium, Rubidium, Yttrium… Certainly no mean feat to know what these elements are, and even more daunting, remembering all by heart.

Daniel Radcliffe (child actor of world famous ‘Harry Potter’ stories) remembers ‘The Elements’ well in a song. He had sung it over a BBC TV show, showing that anyone can learn it too. So can you!

A new Periodic Table song from AsapSCIENCE also presents the elements and its uses in a very lively and entertaining way. Try it out! You could take the lead in your next Science class by reciting them!

At Yen’s, our S1 Science students have enjoyed learning about the elements under the topic “Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Chemical Composition’. Knowing the elements and its periodic table greatly helps them in subsequent topics on ‘Atoms & Molecules’ and ‘Chemical Changes’.

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