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晨光|疫起求存:实体课堂转线上 催生教学新模式

2020年5月8日  8 May 2020

Yen’s Academy is thankful for the opportunity to be on our national chinese television, Channel 8 Morning Express to share how we have been coping during Covid-19.
We focused on solving the problem and making the transition as smooth and pleasant as possible for our parents/students. Once we knew we were going to use Zoom as our chose platform for online classes, we did our best to provide extra support by providing a zoom guideline booklet and checked in with all our parents to ensure that they all had devices to use during the HBL period. There were a few who did not have any to spare, and we loaned them ours. 

As always, our main focus is to make learning FUN. In that vein, even when dealing with connectivity/WIFI issues with our students, instead of reacting in a negative manner that would end up stressing our students because such issues are out of our control, we were mindful to deal with it in a lighthearted manner. 

There are always learning opportunities and teachable moments. Are you using today’s crisis as an excuse for mediocrity or an opportunity for excellence? 

One good thing that has come out of this pandemic is that it has forced us educators to venture into the area of education technology. When we come out of this crisis, perhaps we will be able to see more teachers letting go of the traditional way of teaching and truly embracing the use of technology for effective teaching and learning.


As adults, parents and teachers, it is our duty to demonstrate to our young ones how we get through this pandemic positively. We are creatures of resilience. We shall get through this! 
















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2020年5月8日  8 May 2020

What are the main differences between classroom learning and online learning?


What are the challenges most teachers face while conducting an effective online lesson?


Both classroom and online systems have their strengths. No technology can fully replace the human touch and interaction which are the main strengths of classroom learning. Online learning is not merely converting the current face-to-face delivery material and make it accessible for online learning. Teachers need to think quite radically out of the box to engage their students. We need to deliver effective online lessons that do not compromise on content. We are constantly brainstorming how to deliver online lessons more effectively and efficiently


Hear from our Principal, Mr Lee, as he shares his views on the Morning Express.
















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Beyond the Classroom with Lee Meng Hui (Yen’s Academy)

25 March 2020

Founder of Yen's Academy, Lee Meng Hui was featured by The Flying Cape in their newsletter. Hear the story behind what we do to make Learning Fun! 















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Learning After Covid-19 – What May Change?

4 May 2020

“The pandemic has sparked the rush to online learning. We adapted very quickly and immediately switched to Zoom live lessons. We also had been using EdTech solutions for a while, such as KooBits for Math, News Apps for English and Kahoot for Science and general learning. Hence, our tutors and students were able to switch over quite fast after some teething issues.

When we did trial online classes, we found some parents even wanted only the online session in future as logistics will be much easier for them. We believe many will explore this option going forward.”

  • Lee Meng Hui, an engineer turned founder of Yen’s Academy, a learning centre for Math, Science and English and a father to two boys.

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