Primary English Workshops

11 June 130-330 pm : Read Your Way to an A! (Primary 6) - $50

What do the PSLE Oral examiners want to hear when you read?  What do they not want to hear?  How are you being awarded marks?  What are the do’s and don’ts of reading?  What are the tricky sounds and words to look out for?  Come learn with us and improve your reading technique!

12 June 130 - 330 pm : PSLE Oral Workshop - $50

Day 2: Chit Chat Your Way to an A!  (Primary 6)

What are the three components PSLE Oral examiners are looking out for in the Stimulus-Based conversation?  How do you start answering?  Is there a format?  How do you conclude your answer?  How do you think on your feet?  Come learn with us and improve your conversation skills!

13 June 1-4 pm : P5/6 Comprehension Cloze Workshop: Please Mind The Gap! - $75

“But every Comprehension Cloze is different!”
“I keep practising but I never improve!  Why?”

“Why is Comprehension Cloze so difficult?”

These are the cries of almost every student.  You don’t have to be like them!  There is a method to the madness!  Come learn with us and improve your Fill-In-The-Blanks skills!

14 June 1-4 pm : P5/6 Creative Writing : Ace Composition Writing! - $75

It’s not about what you write!  It’s about how you write!  Come learn the must-haves of an attention-grabbing composition and practise with us!

18 June 1-4pm :  P5/6 Comprehension Workshop: Ace Comprehension! - $75

Yes, every Comprehension passage is different!  But who says it has to be difficult?  Not us!  Come learn fool-proof techniques with us to tackle Comprehension and never feel nervous again!

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